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  Dean Sally Blount greets staff and faculty at a breakfast reception
  Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting with Nitin Nohria, who recently took the helm at Harvard Business School.

A New Generation in Management Education
July 23, 2010

What a whirlwind this first week has been! Last Thursday, my first official day, began with a reception that was attended by literally hundreds of faculty and administrators who were there to greet me. It was exciting, and I felt so warmly welcomed. Then it was on to many meetings and time spent “walking the halls” on our Evanston campus, connecting with both familiar and new faces. Through all of my interactions, I have been constantly reminded of the unique culture and strong people and relationships that make Kellogg so special.

My re-emersion into the Kellogg community has spurred me to think more deeply about my career and what my appointment means for the field of management education. Throughout my adult life, I’ve generally considered myself part of the “second wave” of women in the academy—someone who has benefited tremendously from the pioneering women who came a generation before me. While I may have been among the first wave of women who were able to combine graduate doctoral education and motherhood to the degree that I did, the women who preceded me had already blazed the trail. And at Kellogg I had an incredible group of senior faculty, both men and women, who worked with me to make my career possible, so I never particularly felt like a pioneer.

But now, leading a top business school as a woman feels deeply meaningful to me, and is I think important for women more broadly. It also feels meaningful on a generational level. Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting with Nitin Nohria, who recently took the helm at Harvard Business School. We talked about how exciting it is to be entering these roles, particularly at this point in time—economically, politically and socially. As we are the same age and have similar doctoral training in management, we share many perspectives about the opportunities and challenges we’re facing. We look forward to working together as leaders of the next generation charged with reimagining and redefining management education for the 21st century.

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