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Curtis Robinson Photo © Evanston Photographic  

Curtis Robinson profiled as "Unsung Staff" in latest issue of Northwestern University Staff Advisory Council Newsletter

Reprinted from the Summer 2008 Newsletter; special thanks to Lynn Steiner of the Feinberg School, who is the current chair of the NUSAC Communications Committee

NUSAC would like to acknowledge the contributions of unsung staff at Northwestern. With that in mind, we will be interviewing individual staff for the newsletter to introduce you to some of your fellow dedicated employees at the University that you might not have had the pleasure to work with.

Curtis Robinson is a senior office service worker in the mailroom at Kellogg School of Management; he has worked for Kellogg for 4 years. His colleagues note that Curtis is always helpful and smiling whenever you see him.

What is one of the most challenging situations you have faced at Northwestern?
My most challenging situation was when I was promoted to supervisor of the mailroom;
having to deal with a large facility like Kellogg and managing a staff.

When you are not at the University, what do you do for fun and relaxation?
I love going to the lakefront, going out to eat and to the movies.

What do you think would benefit staff either in your school or University-wide?
To be able to take advantage of the tuition program at Northwestern.

Where do you like to go with your co-workers to lunch?
Fish Keg and DD Dawgs.

Why do you think Northwestern is a good place to work?
There are a lot of opportunities here at Kellogg, we are appreciated by our dean each year for the hard work that we do; it’s a wonderful feeling just knowing that others really appreciate you.

How have you taken advantage of the other benefits/ events/ organizations here?
I wanted to take a real-estate class here at Northwestern; when I started looking into taking the class here I got inspired and ended up taking a course at Caldwell Real Estate.

Has there been anyone here that you feel has been especially beneficial to you as a mentor, an inspiration, or a colleague? How?
Carol Cahill, she amazes me. I figure if she can manage this whole building then I can manage my little mailroom.

Do you have a motto/ words of inspiration for the Northwestern community?
If you want to succeed, work hard and you can do it. Don’t stop working hard.

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