Kellogg School of Management

Human Resource Information

Human Resources Contacts (.html)
(i.e. compensation, benefits, payroll, etc.)

Human Resources Information Systems - Payroll
(general links to payroll forms, tax withholding tables etc.)

Employee Benefit Rates (.html)
Current employee fringe benefit rate for budgeting sponsored projects

Benefits Eligibility Matrix (.pdf)

Calendar of University Holidays for FY 09/10/11 (.html)

Work-Study Handbook (.html)
(information for work-study and employers (i.e. job codes/titles, etc.))

Financial Systems

Financial Systems Home Page (.html)
Links to General Information on NU Financial Systems

NU Portal (.html)

Important Contacts (.html)
(i.e. Budget, Accounts Payable, Accounting Services, etc.)

Payroll Forms

Additional/Special pay form (.pdf)

Federal Tax Form [W-4] (.pdf)

Illinois Tax Form [IL-W-4] (.pdf)

Personal Data Form (.pdf)

Direct Deposit (FASIS Self Service System) (.htm)

Payroll Cut-Off Dates

Schedule of Biweekly Payroll Cut-Off Dates (.pdf)
(list of biweekly cut-off dates & pay dates)

Schedules of Payroll Cut-Off Dates (,htm)
(list of Kellogg temporary & work-study
cutoff dates & pay dates)

NU Financials

Financial Policies and Procedures (.html)

Preferred Vendor List (.html)

Forms (.html)

Policy Exception Form (Used for Expense Reports Only)(.html)

Procurement Card Application(.pdf)

Policies and Procedures

Insurance Coverage for University Property

NU Policies and Procedures
(Travel, Purchasing, and Cash Handling, eCommerce, etc.)

Purchasing/Travel Policy & Procedures (.html)

Biweekly Time Reporting (.ppt)

Tax Exempt Letter (.ppt)

Case Permission Resources (.pdf)


Travel Services

NU Travel Services (.html)

Hotel and Motel accommodation policy (.pdf)

Hotel Reservation Agreement form (.pdf)