Frequently Asked Questions

What are the elements of the Kellogg Administrative Team Rewards & Recognition Program, and what progress has been made to date?
A comprehensive program for our administrative team is currently in development.

  • The Rewards & Recognition committee will be focusing on program development that identifies, celebrates and rewards Kellogg administrative teams at the school; unit (i.e., Centers, Departments, Advancement, MBA Programs, etc.); team (i.e., Admissions, CMC, Finance, Facilities, IT, etc.); and individual levels.
  • The committee is initially focused on the development of initiatives at the school level, and will later focus on initiatives at the unit, team and individual levels.
  • The first two initiatives that the committee is implementing are:
    • The Kellogg Excellence in Action Awards Ceremony.
    • Beginning in 2013, a Fall Day of Learning will provide valuable professional development and relationship building opportunities for all Kellogg administrators.

Kellogg Excellence in Action Awards Ceremony


What are the elements of the Kellogg Excellence in Action Awards Ceremony?
The ceremony is designed to formally and publicly recognize award winners, present them with the awards and showcase their accomplishments.

  • There are seven different awards.
  • Five of the awards can be won by an individual administrator, and two of the awards can be won by an individual administrator and/or an administrative team.
  • The awards are aligned to support Kellogg’s strategic plan, core competencies and values.

What are the different awards?

  • The Exceptional Service Award (awarded to one administrative team member)
  • The Optimizing Research and Teaching Award (awarded to one administrative team member)
  • The Choy Krieg Family Leadership Award (awarded to one administrative team member)
  • The Choy Krieg Family Kellogg Way Awards (two awards to two administrative team members)
  • The Innovation and Action Award (awarded to one administrative team or team member)
  • The Collaborative Spirit Award (awarded to one administrative team or team member)

What are Kellogg's core values?

  • Committed to excellence
  • Collaborative at our core
  • Reflective about our impact
  • Inspired to always look forward

What are the descriptions/criteria for each award?
Please click here for full descriptions/criteria.

Who is/is not eligible for awards?
A Kellogg administrative team member must have been employed by Kellogg for at least six months and be in good standing in order to be eligible for an award. “Good standing” means the administrator is not on corrective action and has an acceptable annual performance rating on his/her most recent review.

The Rewards & Recognition selection committee members are not eligible.

How do I know whether or not an administrator is in good standing?
The Rewards & Recognition committee includes a representative from HR, who will confidentially verify this information.  

What will award nominees and winners receive?
Award nominees will receive the following rewards:

  • Invitation to a nominee breakfast hosted by the Senior Leadership Team and the Rewards & Recognition committee immediately prior to the awards ceremony
  • Preferred seating at the awards ceremony

Award winners will receive a range of rewards that include:

  • Significant cash prizes
  • Professional/community development opportunities
  • Kellogg merchandise

How will the awards be distributed?
Nominations will be reviewed by the Rewards & Recognition selection committee. The team has been trained to professionally and properly evaluate each nomination, and will forward the committee’s recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team for review and final approval. The awards will be presented to recipients at the awards ceremony.

When and where will the awards ceremonies take place?
The next awards ceremony will be held May 13, 2015.

Why should administrators participate in this program?
The awards ceremonies (and the nomination process that precedes them) provide excellent opportunities to formally and publicly recognize fellow administrators for their outstanding contributions that align and support Kellogg’s strategic plan. This type of recognition program demonstrates Kellogg’s commitment to investing in our administrators and teams, as well as the value that engaged administrators contribute to the school.

Why are several of the awards and the awards luncheon sponsored by the Choy Krieg family?
The Choy Krieg family’s generous financial contribution has resulted in the establishment of three awards as well as a luncheon for all award recipients. The Choy Krieg family decided to give this generous gift for the following reasons:

"Staff is the backbone of Kellogg. Like anything important and consistent, we count on them being there and being strong for us all the time, without question. Our family would like the Kellogg community to take just one day to celebrate the hard work, success, creativity and care that Kellogg staff pour into the School every day." Esther Choy '09 and Bernhard Krieg

Are there additional donation opportunities for this program?
Kellogg is always appreciative of our alumni and other supporters who make generous contributions of their time and resources. Interested parties should contact Kathleen Dolan about potential donation opportunities, including for the Rewards & Recognition Program.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Please direct all questions about the program to Carole Cahill at,
or 847.491.2833 or 847.491.3300.

Nomination Process

Who can nominate individuals for awards?
Anyone can nominate Kellogg administrators for the awards, including administrators, faculty, students, alumni and members of the broader Northwestern University community.

Administrators cannot nominate themselves, nor can relatives of administrators.

Can you nominate a person for more than one award?
Yes. However, an individual can only be selected the winner of one award per calendar year.

What information is needed for the nominations?

  • The award for which you are nominating an administrator or team.
  • Your name, email address, job title and relationship to the nominee or team.
  • The name(s), email address(s) and job title(s) of the administrator or team you are nominating.
  • Why you are nominating this administrator/team for the award.
  • The impact(s) of the contributions of the administrator/team you are nominating.
  • Other factors the committee should consider about the administrator/team you are nominating.

How big of a team can you nominate for the awards for which administrative teams are eligible?
Teams eligible for nomination can be small work groups, ranging from two to seven administrators.

Can I choose to remain anonymous if I want to nominate someone?
The Rewards & Recognition committee will need nominators to identify themselves so that the committee can contact them, should the need arise to verify or seek additional information for clarification purposes.

Additionally, all nominators will be invited to a breakfast at the Allen Center the morning of the awards ceremony.

How do you submit nominations?
Nominations can be submitted through the Qualtrics nomination form on the Rewards & Recognition website

When does the nomination process end?
The nomination process for the next awards ceremony closes on Friday, April 17, 2015.

Selection Process

Who is on the review committee?
The Rewards & Recognition committee is comprised of a diverse group of Kellogg administrators who reflect a range of departments, job functions and length of service, among other aspects. Committee members will remain anonymous until the awards ceremony.

Committee members will serve on a rotational basis each award year. The previous year’s award winners will be automatically eligible to participate on the committee.

How was this committee determined?
Committee members are volunteers in good standing who have demonstrated their continuous commitment to the development of a high quality Rewards & Recognition Program by volunteering and participating in all aspects of the initiative.

Going forward, award recipients will be offered the first opportunity to replace outgoing committee members. The committee is committed to having as diverse a team as possible.

What happens if a committee member is nominated for an award? Would he/she abstain from the selection process? Would his/her nomination influence the committee’s decisions?
Committee members are not eligible to be nominated for the awards.

Can one administrator win more than one award?
In order to ensure we are recognizing and rewarding a diverse range of deserving Kellogg administrators, an individual can only be selected the winner of one award per calendar year.

If only one administrator is nominated for a specific award, will he/she automatically be selected as the winner of that award?
To ensure the quality and integrity of our administrative awards, winners of each award will only be selected if they meet the criteria for the award.

If the administrator I nominated doesn’t win an award this time, will he/she automatically be put in the running for the next awards ceremony? Or, do I have to re-submit his/her nomination?
The criteria used to evaluate each nominee is based on accomplishments and behaviors occurring during the award year; therefore, previously nominated administrators will only be considered for future year awards if a new nomination is submitted.

Will nominees be notified of their nominations?
Yes. We will notify all nominees of their nominations in advance of the awards ceremony.

When will winners be notified?
Winners of each award will be announced at the awards ceremony.