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Fall 2012 Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to the award winners honored at the Fall 2012
Kellogg Administrative Team Rewards & Recognition Ceremony!

The Exceptional Service Award

James Rich
Systems Analyst/Senior Program Project Manager
Kellogg Information Systems

Excerpt from James Rich’s nomination:

“James has consistently provided a high level of service by engaging with others and anticipating their needs. Further, he does so with a positive attitude that is infectious and life-giving to those around him.”

The Optimizing Research and Teaching Award

Alain Bonacossa
Senior Research Associate
Research Support

Simone Cavallaro
Behavioral Lab Manager
Research Support

Excerpt from Alain Bonacossa and Simone Cavallaro’s nomination:

“Alain and Simone are always anticipating faculty needs and are very proactive about figuring out new services to offer and more effective ways to offer existing services. Alain and Simone have created two resources that are the envy of other schools: eLab and Atlantis.”

The Choy Krieg Family Leadership Award

Daniel Voelker
Systems Analyst /Programmer Lead
Kellogg Information Systems

Excerpt from Daniel Voelker’s nomination:

“Dan has gained the respect of all those he works with by the vision he’s able to create from ambiguous situations and the way in which he’s able to convert the vision to actionable results. Dan takes on these leadership roles with an eager willingness to help out, never saying ‘no’ to a request no matter how difficult or vague the task and works harmoniously with a variety of groups at the Central University and within Kellogg.”

The Choy Krieg Family Kellogg Way Awards

Lindsey Bell
Program Assistant 2, Annual Giving

Betsy Berger
Associate Director of Communications
Marketing & Communications

Claire Walker
Dean’s Office

Excerpt from Lindsey Bell’s nomination:

“Lindsey is a stellar employee who models the ‘Kellogg Way’ within multiple communities every day. She strives for excellence in her work with students, alumni and staff across the globe, as well as with our NU partners in OARD.”

Excerpt from Betsy Berger’s nomination:

“Betsy promotes and protects Kellogg’s reputation day in and day out. This is represented through her work with the dean, senior leadership and faculty in supporting their external presences, which collectively aid to build the Kellogg brand.”

Excerpt from Claire Walker’s nomination:

“The work Claire did for the Relay for Life clearly displays a courageous and collaborative spirit, by mobilizing people in the community and also friends, family and colleagues to believe in her cause and give generously. She used her talents from her job at Kellogg for the greater good of the Evanston community.”

The Innovation and Action Award

Katie Dell
Business Systems Analyst
Kellogg Information Systems

Alexa Starr
Director, Financial Planning and Analysis

Excerpt from Katie Dell and Alexa Starr’s nomination:

“Together they have created something never before seen at Kellogg or Northwestern: They have brought together a series of previously isolated Northwestern groups to standardize and optimize their use of a powerful imaging and digital workflow software (OnBase). This is an example of Kellogg-led innovation with positive impacts across the entire university for the benefit of all.”

The Collaborative Spirit Award

Andrew Walker III
Manager, Web Marketing & Communications
Marketing & Communications

Excerpt from Andrew Walker III’s nomination:

“Andrew embodies the courageous and collaborative spirit that Kellogg desires to have and to display to the world. For each of his projects, he is able to work with the disparate people involved, in a way that immediately made clear that he was there to help, that he could (and did) listen to what they were doing, and that he had ideas that helped make these projects successful from day one.”

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