MBA Operations

Award Descriptions and Criteria

There are seven awards for which administrators can be nominated. Five of the awards can be won by an individual administrator, and two by an individual administrator or an administrative team.

General Nomination in Recognition of Excellence
(1 individual or team) (Committed to excellence) (Collaborative at our core)

  • Embraces Kellogg’s culture and passion for collaboration and pursues excellence every day.
  • Inspires others with a positive attitude and leading by example.

The Choy Krieg (Family) Leadership Award
(2 individuals) (Reflective about our impact) (Inspired to always look forward)

  • Inspires others by creating a vision and demonstrating the ability to successfully put it into action without compromising integrity and standards and/or
  • Embraces and champions a positive culture through formal or informal leadership roles and/or
  • Builds trust and inspires others to do their best through coaching, advising and communication and/or
  • Gives and receives frequent, clear, honest and constructive feedback to team members and/or
  • Always considers the perspectives of others.

The Choy Krieg Family Kellogg Way Awards
(1 individual or team) (Reflective about our impact)

  • Exemplifies the “Kellogg Way” through work with local, national or international communities, thereby enhancing Kellogg’s reputation as an employer, research institution and education provider and/or
  • Achieves results by building teams that embrace diversity and support the expression of differing points of view.

The Innovation and Action Award
(1 individual or team) (Committed to excellence) (Inspired to always look forward)

  • Creates new, effective or innovative methods for improving business process outcomes, and/or
  • Identifies new opportunities in support of the Kellogg community and strategic plan and/or
  • Demonstrates courage to innovate and grow through wise risk taking.

Diversity & Inclusion Award
(1 individual or team) (Collaborative at our core)

  • Values and respects others and fosters a workplace that allows everyone to bring his or her whole self
  • Integrates focused diversity and inclusion practices into our business processes.
  • Embraces diversity and supports the expression of differing points of view.
  • Collaborates and serves internal and external partners to create or strengthen relationships that facilitate successful organizational outcomes

The Exceptional Service Award
(2 individuals) (Committed to excellence)

  • Demonstrates exceptional effort and service by positively impacting the experience of faculty, administrators, alumni and/or students at Kellogg.
  • Inspires others with a positive attitude. Leads by example.