Award Descriptions and Criteria

There are seven awards for which administrators can be nominated. Five of the awards can be won by an individual administrator, and two by an individual administrator or an administrative team.

The Optimizing Research and Teaching Award is given to an individual administrator who:

  • Provides outstanding support to the faculty, and/or
  • Optimizes the faculty research or teaching experience by exceeding the needs of the faculty in a timely, consistent and high-quality manner, and/or
  • Supports the faculty by providing exemplary service beyond the call of duty and by effectively responding to and resolving faculty issues.

The Choy Krieg Family Leadership Award is given to an individual administrator who:

  • Makes a significant investment in the growth and development of others, and/or
  • Inspires others by creating a vision and demonstrating the ability to successfully put it into action without compromising integrity and standards, and/or
  • Through formal or informal leadership roles, embraces and champions a positive culture, and/or
  • Holds team/others accountable for performance and behaviors, while maintaining the dignity and self-respect of team members, and/or
  • Demonstrates the ability to differentiate performance and behaviors and uses rewards and recognition to positively impact organizational outcomes.

The Choy Krieg Family Kellogg Way Awards are given to two individual administrators who:

  • Work with the local, national or international communities exemplifying the “Kellogg Way,” which enhances Kellogg’s reputation as an employer, research institution and provider of education.

The Innovation and Action Award is given to an individual administrator or an administrative team that:

  • Create new, cost effective or innovative methods for improving business process outcomes, and/or
  • Identify new opportunities in support of research and education and lead optimization efforts, and/or
  • Change attitudes and outcomes, resulting in improved organizational alignment with the Kellogg strategic plan.

The Collaborative Spirit Award is given to an individual administrator or an administrative team that:

  • Collaborate with the greater Kellogg community (alumni, non-profit and/or corporate partners) to build or enable an established relationship to flourish for the mutual benefit of all, and/or
  • Serve the internal Kellogg community (partners in the larger Northwestern University community, Kellogg students, Kellogg faculty, and/or Kellogg administrative team members) to create or strengthen collaborative relationships that facilitate successful organizational outcomes.

The Exceptional Service Award is given to an individual administrator who:

  • Demonstrates exceptional effort and a high level of service by engaging with others and anticipating their needs in support of the Kellogg community, and/or
  • Provides outstanding service to faculty, administrative teams or students by going above and beyond in order to exceed their expectations, and/or
  • Positively impacts the experience of faculty members, administrators, alumni or students at Kellogg.