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The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University is proud to present the 2013 Business of Healthcare Conference – “Recharting the Borders of Healthcare.”

As key provisions of the Affordable Care Act take effect and healthcare companies look internationally for growth, the borders of healthcare continue to shift dramatically — both domestically and abroad. U.S. healthcare systems are under pressure to become more like insurance providers. New models for healthcare delivery are cropping up beyond the walls of traditional hospitals (e.g., retail clinics), and technology is fast changing the quality of patient care. This conference seeks to explore such dimensions of change with relevant examples from payers, providers, pharma, med-device and investing.

This year’s conference will feature two keynote speakers as well as six panels including:

  • Expanding Population-Based Care: Payers, Providers and Accountable Care Organizations
  • The Shifting Landscape of Healthcare Investing: Incubators and Strategic Investors
  • Beyond Hospitals: The Future Sites of Healthcare Delivery
  • Technology Showcase: Centering Healthcare’s Focus on the Patient
  • Beyond Blockbusters: The Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Gaining Access in Emerging Markets

This forum will offer an invaluable opportunity for professionals, academics, students and alumni to explore the challenging issues that surround the industry as well as network with other healthcare professionals.