Conference Panels

Leveraging Interactive Marketing Tools in Healthcare

Moderator: Michael Millenson, President, Health Quality Advisors, LLC; Author, Demanding Medical Excellence: Doctors and Accountability in the Information Age

Healthcare companies are just now beginning to leverage interactive marketing tactics that have been so common in many other industries.   Discussion boards, blogs, social networking and any other medium that has engaged customers have been highly successful in driving growth, all in a cost-effective manner.  Now it’s is time to harness this trend in healthcare.  The platforms have already been developed; now the industry needs to successfully leverage them.  Panelists will share both successful and failed interactive marketing examples from their companies and the results that came out of these unique initiatives.  We will explore challenges and the common pitfalls encountered when implementing such a campaign.  Finally, the group will discuss the trends and strategies to become successful in levering interactive marketing tactics. 

Panelists include:

IT for Operational Effectiveness for Healthcare Providers

Moderator: Jonathan L. Schaffer MD, Managing Director, eCleveland Clinic (KSM ’01)

In the complex healthcare industry, recording transactional data in the provider setting is key to success. IT solutions, including electronic medical records, are helping hospitals and other providers develop operational metrics that can be tracked and used to improve cost, quality, and access. This panel will discuss how hospitals, health systems, and provider groups structure their operations processes, which operational metrics are measured and how hospitals are using IT to ensure their operational strategy is aligned with their competitive strategy.

Panelists include:

From M&As to New Ventures: Financing Healthcare Growth

Moderator: Harry Kraemer, Clinical Professor of Management and Strategy, Kellogg School of Management (KSM ’79)

Changes in both the macroeconomic market environment and the healthcare-specific industry trends dictate where money flows.  In light of the current economic downturn, stricter healthcare regulatory setting, and trend towards biosimilars, have traditional takeover targets changed?  This panel will get input from the VC/PE world, as well as the Business Development perspective from healthcare’s big players, to tackle this question and others including how to identify acquisition targets, how to maximize value from new business opportunities, and how to capitalize on macro- and micro-level trends to make money.

Panelists include:

  • Marc Galletti, Managing Director, Longitude Capital (KSM ’97)
  • Ram Jagannath, Senior Associate, The Carlyle Group (KSM ’07)
  • Ken McGrath, Controller, Corporate Development, Johnson & Johnson
  • Max Mishkin, Vice President, Water Street (KSM ’07)

Changes in Healthcare Policy: Evaluating its Effectiveness and Identifying Opportunities

Moderator: Susan M. Nedza MD, MBA, FACEP, VP of Clinical Quality and Patient Safety Strategy and Medical Director, Clinical Practice Solutions, American Medical Association (KSM ’00)

This panel will include a constructive discussion about which initiatives in the proposed healthcare plans are viable, at what cost and who will pay for them. Representatives from the industry, government and strategic consulting will come together to discuss the feasibility, potential and implications of the plan. This will be a timely discussion as newly proposed plans will have already been released and discussed by the time of this conference.

Panelists include:

  • Greg Scott, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • Martha L. Wofford, General Manager of the Northeast region for Aetna’s Consumer Segment, Aetna (KSM ’01)
  • Elizabeth Woody, Director, Public Policy and Government Relations, BD

Kellogg School of Management 2009