Welcome to the 2009 Kellogg Business of Healthcare Conference!

The Kellogg School of Management is proud to host the 10th annual Business of Healthcare Conference, “Driving Growth in a Cost Conscious Economy.”  Within today’s dynamic and volatile economic and political environment, successful healthcare companies must innovate their business practices and refine their portfolios amidst growing cost constraints and rapid change.  The conference will focus on ways that individuals in healthcare can deliver value for a variety of stakeholders despite the difficult environment. Featuring prominent keynote speakers and panelists, the conference will address topics including financing healthcare growth, leveraging interactive marketing tools, employing IT for operational effectiveness for providers, and the impact of President Obama’s health plan.  The conference promises to be an incredible opportunity for knowledge-sharing, information gathering and industry networking for Kellogg students, Kellogg alumni and industry representatives.

For information on the 2008 Kellogg Business of Healthcare Conference, please click on the following link:  Managing at the Forefront of Change.

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