On November 1, 2008, the Kellogg School of Management will host the 9th Annual Business of Healthcare Conference.

Healthcare as an industry and a business is continually evolving. Managers are faced with the challenges of forging uncharted waters, particularly in an election year such as this.  The 2008-09 Kellogg Business of Healthcare Conference:  Managing at the Forefront of Change will tackle these timely managerial issues in a dynamic, thought-provoking forum. 

The conference will consist of two keynote addresses and two, three-panel discussion sessions.   Thought leaders have been invited to speak to the present state and the future direction of the industry, providing both retrospective and forward-looking viewpoints.  Six panels of diverse healthcare specialists will share their thoughts on the future of financing a start-up business, managing global brands, reaching out to underserved markets, the impact of going “green,” implementing technological advances in a slow-to-adapt industry, and growing transparency for consumer benefit. 

Additionally, please note that the MacEachern Symposium will take place the day prior to the conference and will explore health policy and innovation.  We hope that you will join us and 400 Kellogg student, alumni and corporate affiliate attendees for a day of active conversation focused on the Business of Healthcare.

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