Past Conferences

GCBC 2013

China at the Crossroads

China is at a crossroads, and the outcome of these decisions will shape its future role in the global economy.

GCBC 2012

China: Navigating the Waves of Transformation

The underlying forces that are shaping the Chinese market and how organizations can achieve maximum financial and social impact

GCBC 2011

Beyond the Great Wall

the emergence of China from its roots as a manufacturing base, to an innovator with global influence across industries with plans for developing outside its current boundaries.

GCBC 2009

From the World's Factory to the World's Innovators

China is not only faced with the challenge of sustainable development but also the task of becoming an area for innovation.

GCBC 2008

One World:
Removing Barriers to Achieve Global Dreams

Increasingly the idea of one world across countries and cultures is becoming a closer reality, and China's involvement in this process is paramount.