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Our Mission

Provide audiences with a unique opportunity to understand and access the world's second largest economy and build the most influential student run business conference on China in the United States.

GCBC 2014 Introduction

Greater China Business Conference

China's Prosperity -- The Future of Investment and Consumption

May 10, 2014

Kellogg School of Management, Allen Center; Evanston, Illinois

After more than three decades of rapid economic growth, China's wealth is now a source of immense opportunity and speculation. Domestically, Chinese consumer demand is growing rapidly with tremendous opportunities for Chinese and multinational businesses. Internationally, the country's massive capital reserves stand as a potential springboard for Chinese enterprises poised to go global. What does this mean for Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs? How will multinational companies be affected by the consumption and investment by China's prosperity?

Since 2006, Kellogg's Greater China Business Conference has answered these types of questions as one of the country's leading student-run conference on Chinese business issues. In this tradition, we present the 2014 Greater China Business Conference: China's Prosperity -- The Future of Investment and Consumption, examining areas of opportunity associated with China's national wealth. The conference will feature leading professional and academic experts with one keynote presentation, three discussion panels, and an in-depth, fireside chat:

Panel 1: China Economy Panel

Focusing on potential challenges and opportunities, this panel will discuss the source of China's wealth and the possibility for further growth fueled by domestic consumption and international expansion. Will these forces combine to propel China's rise for another thirty years?

Panel 2: Chinese Enterprises Panel

As Chinese enterprises strive to capture more domestic consumer demand and MNCs keep exploring the China market, this panel will analyze how Chinese enterprises can achieve their goals in the face of fierce competitions and new challenges in both China domestic market and global market.

Panel 3: Overseas Companies Panel

Similarly, as China's economic prowess continues to rise, this panel will address how incumbent multinational companies should handle the competition from Chinese challengers? What are their new China strategies when facing more competitions in both China market and international arena?

China's Prosperity -- The Future of Investment and Consumption take place on May 10, 2014 at Kellogg's Allen Center in Evanston, Illinois. It will also feature a webinar platform to help connect with remote audience members. Join us to understand more about China's modern prosperity and to connect with other professionals helping to shape the country's future.

Best Regards,

Tony Zhang, Yizhou Chen
Overall Chairs, GCBC 2014