Global Dreams: Growing Chinese Enterprises

How can Chinese companies grow globally? There have been a number of notable Chinese enterprises that have attempted global market entrance through mergers and acquisitions as well as organic growth. Why did some enterprises fail while others succeeded? This panel will discuss these case studies as well as the key strategies current Chinese companies should utilize for successful growth outside of China.

Moderator: Angela Y. Lee
Panelists: David Chan (KSM'03), Kevin Mao, Feng Xue

Investment and New Venture Strategies: Identifying Successful Opportunities in China

What constraints and risks are associated with investing in and beginning new ventures in China? With the rapid development of China's economy, the growing private sector has become increasingly active. Entrepreneurs and international investors are attracted to China for the growth and opportunity, but are also faced with unique challenges. This panel will focus on overcoming these challenges and strategies for identifying successful opportunities in China.

Moderator: Thomas Liaw
Panelists: Anita Tang (KSM'99), George Wang (KSM'02), Richard Wottrich

Marketing in China: Connecting with 1.3 Billion Consumers

Who is the "Chinese consumer"? What are the key drivers of the Chinese consumer, and how do companies leverage these drivers to connect with consumers?  Is it truly feasible to market to the masses, or is China a market with many niche segments? This panel will focus on the challenges and opportunities of marketing to the Chinese consumer. It will feature distinguished speakers from a variety of backgrounds, all of whom have a wealth of experience with marketing in China, ranging from market entrance to expansion.

Moderator: Philip Corse
Panelists: Robert Collins (KSM'99), Pat Cotter, Yao Zhao, Charles Li

Government Regulation: Adapting to a Changing Legal Environment

Legal, political and regulatory structures have a significant impact on business in China. Given the different legal and regulatory standards in China, how can a multinational company succeed in China while protecting its valuable assets? What are the various legal and other options that a company can pursue for Intellectual Property protection? This panel will focus on critical, current issues related to varying regulatory standards and the challenges that arise with intellectual property management in China. Our panel of speakers includes both legal and business experts.

Moderator: Ben Jones
Panelists: Dennis Drehkoff, Feng Xue, Weijia Wang

Asian Coopetition: Building Strong Relationships between China and its Neighbors

China's rapid development has impacted its relationships with neighboring Asian nations. What are some of the geo-political and economic challenges and opportunities for China and its neighbors? This panel brings distinguished speakers from across Asia to discuss how China's rapid growth has influenced its economic and diplomatic relations with nearby economies. This unique panel will offer a pan-Asian perspective of how China impacts and is impacted by its Asian neighbors.

Moderator: Mark Finn
Panelists: Glenn Penaranda, Sachin Mithal (KSM'98), Bill Liu (KSM'97)


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