China's rapid development has impacted its relationships with neighboring Asian nations. What are some of the geo-political and economic challenges and opportunities for China and its neighbors? This panel brings distinguished speakers from across Asia to discuss how China's rapid growth has influenced its economic and diplomatic relations with nearby economies. This unique panel will offer a pan-Asian perspective of how China impacts and is impacted by its Asian neighbors.

M o d e r a t o r
Professor Mark Finn
Clinical Professor of Accounting Information & Management; Director, Global Initiatives in Management Program, Kellogg School of Management

Mark Finn is a Clinical Associate Professor of Accounting and International Business at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He is also Director of Kellogg's Global Initiatives in Management program. Prior to coming to Kellogg, Prof. Finn served on the faculty of the University of Chicago. He received PhD, MS, and MBA degrees from Cornell University and an AB from Stanford University.

Prof. Finn teaches core financial accounting and international accounting. Kellogg awarded him the Chairs' Core Teaching Award in 1999. His primary research interests are related to the quality and credibility of financial disclosures, especially in non-US settings. His research articles include "Market Rewards for Increasing Earnings Patterns" published in the Journal of Accounting Research and "Disclosure Quality and the Probability of Informed Trade," a recent working paper. Prof. Finn has also served as a consultant in the areas of portfolio management and securities litigation. He is fluent in Japanese and prior to his university career worked in accounting and bank management for both US and Japanese corporations.

P a n e l i s t s

Mr. Glenn Penaranda
Director, Philippine Trade and Investment Center

Mr. Penaranda, current Director of the Philippine Trade and Investment Center, has a plethora of experience in working with China and its neighboring countries in Asia. He previously served as the Executive Director of the Foreign Trade Service Corps �CDepartment of Trade & Industry from March 2004-June2005, where he coordinated the export and investment promotion acitivities of twenty-five (25) Philippine Trade and Investment Centers (PTICs) in twenty (19) countries; the PTICs are the frontline of the DTI in the major export markets and investment source countries. He also acted as overall Coordinator of the Business Delegation accompanying the President of the Philippines in her official, working and state visits abroad (China, Indonesia). From 1997-2003, Mr. Penaranda was the Commercial Attache to Malaysia, and in 1995 was the Commercial Attache to France.

From 1992-1994, Mr. Penaranda served as the Export Promotion Manager at the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines where he managed the export-promotion related activities of the Chamber; managed the European Commission-supported Euro-Info Office which provided information and advisory services to Philippine exporters; managed the Business Cooperation Fund for technical assistance for the promotion of linkages between Filipino and European companies.

Mr. Sachin Mithal (KSM'98)
Senior Engagement Manager, Infosys Technologies Limited

Mr. Mithal has the distinct advantage of having lived in China's two neighbors - India and Japan. He grew up in India, where he got his Textile/Mechanical Engineering degree from Indian Institute of Technology. He also got a Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Kansas. Since then, he has lived and worked in US and Japan. In US he has worked for Computer Sciences Corporation, Booz Allen & Hamilton, and Avaya. He got introduced to Japan working as an Expert Systems researcher for a Japanese Security company SECOM (1990-92). He went back to Japan in 2003 for his second stint to develop Japanese IT services market for Indian IT powerhouse Infosys Technologies. There he headed the IT services delivery function for all customers in Japan. Recently he was transferred to US to grow business with Japanese companies here. As a Senior Engagement Manager at Infosys, he is now responsible for several large relationships with global Japanese companies in US. For these customers, he holds complete responsibility for results including growth, profitability and customer satisfaction for all projects. Infosys development center locations include India and China.

Mr. Bill Liu (KSM'97)
Vice President, NaviAsia Consulting Group

Mr. Liu is a Vice President at NaviAsia Consulting Group. He has more than 18 years of combined experience in consulting and industry. He specializes in strategy, marketing, and operations management, with a focus on international business.

Prior to joining NaviAsia, Mr. Liu worked for Lucent Technologies, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Waste Management, Inc.

Mr. Liu received his PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and later earned a MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

In his current position, Mr. Liu advises U.S. companies on how to more efficiently achieve their marketing and manufacturing goals in China. He has helped clients with China strategic sourcing in the metal, plastics and electronics industries. Specifically, he assisted a manufacturing company to establish its manufacturing base in China, and designed a chemical company's China market-entry strategy.

Mr. Liu led Lucent Technologies' successful international eBusiness operations in both Asia and Canada. He also managed the sales and marketing program for Lucent's JV plant in China.

Mr. Liu serves and has served on a number of China-related advisory boards, including; the City of Chicago's China Committee, Benedictine University, and the Harbin Business Exchange. He is also the co-Executive Director of the One China Committee, and a committee member of the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations' west chapter.

A frequent guest lecturer for Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Business, Mr. Liu was a keynote speaker at Kellogg's 2005 Asian Business Conference. In addition, he has lectured on "Negotiation with Chinese" and "Strategic Sourcing from China" at Kellogg. Mr. Liu is also very involved with the Kellogg Alumni Club of Chicago (KACC). He founded the KACC's Asia/Pacific Committee, and the KACC's Western Chapter.

Mr. Liu has lectured about China for a variety of corporations and events that include: Navistar, Citibank, 53 Bank, Harris Bank, Ungaretti & Harris, the Commercial Development and Marketing Association (CDMA), Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP), World Trade Center of Illinois, and the Measurement Control and Automation Association. Mr. Liu also is a speaker at the 2007 International Home & Housewares Show.

Mr. Liu serves on the board of directors for Standard Rubber Products (Zhuhai) Company Limited, Zhuhai, China and Naperville United Way.