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  Clinical Professor James Gerard Conley researches on use of IP for competitive business advantage  Photo © Nathan Mandell

Faculty and Research

The core purpose of the Kellogg Center for Biotechnology Management Research Program is to globally understand this sector. Biotechnology is a fast moving and highly innovative sector. Currently it operates in a highly reactive mode, lacking the benchmarks and frameworks of understanding necessary to make the sector more productive and efficient. Our research goal at the Kellogg School is to build a body of knowledge, frameworks and benchmarks that will enhance our understanding and shape the biotechnology sector.

Our research involves creative partnership between faculty, students, alums and our industrial partners. Several reports have been published based on translational research done in collaboration with the industrial partners. Through descriptive, prescriptive, and financial perspectives, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the competitive forces driving the biotech industry and aim to determine a winning strategy and structure for the future.

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