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The following faculty teach or have a research affiliation with the Center for Biotechnology. Their individual research specialties are listed below.

Kellogg School of Management Feinberg School of Medicine
David Austen-Smith
Corporate Ethics
Phil Greenland
Timothy Calkins
Biomedical Marketing
Patrick McCarthy
James Conley
Intellectual Property
Steven Rosen
Daniel Diermeier
Regulatory and Advocacy Groups
Samuel Stupp
David Dranove
Health Care Economics
Adam Galinsky
McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
Yael Hochberg
Luis Amaral
Edward Hughes
Interaction between Health Products and Services

Guillermo Ameer

Ben Jones

Dean Ho

Morton Kamien, Emeritus
Antitrust Issues
Thomas Lys
Mergers and Acquisitions
Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
Joel Shalowitz
Health Care Management

Richard Gaber

Brian Uzzi
Innovation & Networks

Andreas Matouschek

Sangeeta Vohra
Science and Technology Trend

Thomas O’Halloran

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