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Frontiers in the Management of Biotechnology and Intellectual Property (PDF 48 KB / 6 pages)

by F. Scott Kieff, Associate Professor, Washington University School of Law, and John M. Olin Senior Research fellow in Law, Economics, and Business, Harvard Law School.
Professor Kieff served as law clerk to Judge Rich and practiced as a trial and patent lawyer for several years in New York and Chicago. He testifies as a legal expert on issues of intellectual property and antitrust before the Federal courts and Agencies. He serves as a strategic consulting expert to several leading law firms, businesses, and financial institutions. He is reachable on-line at For further information see Financial support for this work from the John M. Olin Foundation and the Washington University School of Law is gratefully acknowledged.

Every manager in today’s world of biotechnology encounters intellectual property as a matter of course. The savvy manager leverages strategic implications of the evolving law and norms at this complex interface among science, the market, and society to best plot the winning course. This essay introduces the forthcoming book PERSPECTIVES ON PROPERTIES OF THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT, which brings together diverse manuscripts on this important topic from leading thinkers in the private, government, and academic sectors, and in the disciplines of law, medicine, science, history of science, economics, and business. The survey it provides should help the reader better manage commercialization in the Biotech arena today and better target the frontiers of tomorrow.

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