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Sangeeta Vohra, PhD, Academic Director
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About Biotech at Kellogg

The Kellogg School of Management encourages students to use rigorous analytical skills to “dig deeper” during their education — an approach that especially resonates in the area of biotechnology. While providing an exemplary core curriculum, Kellogg also challenges students to develop a research-based mentality that enables them to go beyond the surface of a problem, synthesizing facts and data to arrive at valuable insights and meaningful solutions.

Some of the biggest challenges facing the world today have a biotechnology component, including:

  • Addressing an aging population
  • Developing innovative yet affordable therapies
  • Responding to global epidemics

Answers to these problems are not limited to the development of new technologies but also include innovative thinking that transforms management models.

The Kellogg Center for Biotechnology Management marshals an array of talent, knowledge and skills from the Kellogg community (faculty, students, alums and industry partners). Our center’s main thrust is to develop influential, responsible and innovative leaders who propel the industry to fulfill its potential of bringing lifesaving innovations to market.

The center supports numerous ongoing student and club activities that are instrumental in developing innovative management skills. The student club boasts more than 350 members. The center is committed to matching industrial mentors to students through our extensive network of alumni and advisory board members. In tandem with the Kellogg School’s Career Management Center, we approach counseling from two perspectives to give students more tools for success.

Our executive programs create groundbreaking initiatives designed for scientists and managers to develop and enhance skills in this dynamic industry.

For those of you interested in this remarkable field and who seek the perfect business school to help make you a leader in this industry,please explore our resources and experience the excitement of being part of the Kellogg biotech management community.


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