Global Hub

The Global Hub

Our approximately 415,000-square-foot lakefront education center designed by KPMB Architects will capture the spirit and energy of Kellogg and our unique approach to community building. Ever innovative, we are designing the next-generation business school by constructing a one-of-a-kind building, the first of its type in the 21st century — a building that inspires new forms of community building and adult learning by combining the physical and virtual in unprecedented ways.

The new building is anchored on:

Collaborative Learning

Designed to encourage collaboration by pulling students and faculty out of traditional silos, the building is filled with open and inviting communal spaces that enable dialogue and debate, spontaneous idea sharing and inspired problem solving. Embedded throughout, advanced technology will foster new forms of learning and idea generation, creativity and virtual collaboration, and global interconnectivity that will bring the world to our doorstep.

Inspired Design

Striking 360-degree views deliver the lake to the east, Chicago’s iconic skyline to the south and Northwestern’s historic campus to the north and west. To energize people within, exterior glass walls will flood the building with natural daylight and fresh air — and amazing views throughout the space will foster energy and excitement as leading executives and thinkers converge from around the world to discuss the latest ideas.

Flexibility for the Future

As the business world changes, the building must support not only Kellogg’s needs today but also the Kellogg community of the future. As teaching styles and research evolve, our classrooms and faculty spaces can easily be reimagined and reconfigured. Walls can be moved, reshaped and rewired in ways that will allow us to optimize learning and inspire insight for years to come.