Kellogg School of Management Full-Time MBA Admissions

Reflection & Planning

Your MBA Program is underway, you’ve received your initial assessment feedback, and now you begin to wonder just what to do with that feedback.  Although we all need to be thinking about personal performance feedback on our own, in our own way, it is equally critical to receive guidance through coaching or facilitated reflection programs, mentoring programs and pre-graduation capstone events.  This is also the time to begin thinking about what your legacy will be.  The Legacy Initiative helps you to determine how you want to be known.  Your legacy might revolve around a particular project or involve a particular value.  Perhaps your legacy is to be known as a leader who is compassionate or who has exceptional integrity.  This is where social impact and the leadership development come together and soon become indistinguishable.  You begin thinking of yourself as a leader, but part of being a leader will be having social impact.  It is this inspirational quest that puts Kellogg graduates in a class by themselves.  Great leaders contemplate, “How will I be seen or remembered?”

Capstone Events