Kellogg School of Management Full-Time MBA Admissions

Capstone Events

Prior to graduation, you will enter the final stage of leadership development.  We call this final stage Capstone.  This is your chance to look back as you look forward.  You began your leadership development with the 360 Degree Assessment feedback, serious reflection, and now you’re given the opportunity to look back and to discern: How far have I come?  What have I accomplished?  Have I grown?  Have I grown in leadership development?

360 Degree Exit Assessment
Lecture: MORS For The Road
Nota Bene lectures

360 Degree Exit Assessment
Beginning in May 2008, students will have the exciting opportunity to complete the 360 Degree Exit Assessment.  Your peers will rate you on your leadership capabilities and this tool, coupled with the assessment completed by business peers upon entering the program, will help to paint a subtle picture of the strides made in leadership development.

Mors For The Road
MORS is a department here at Kellogg and the MORS 430 Class is the very first class that students take upon arrival – the first curricular experience.  MORS for the Road is a presentation by a MORS professor, which is simply a review of what was learned in the September when you arrived – but now your perspective is different.  You will hear essentially the same words again, but now you will hear them after two years of curriculum and immediately before starting a job.  It serves to remind you of the most important leadership topics to embrace before starting your next job.  This year’s MORS For The Road will be held need date

Nota Bene Lectures
Held at the end of your second year in the MBA Program, the Nota Bene Lectures are often presented by a professor whose class was very popular. Perhaps you didn’t have the opportunity to take his or her class, and here’s your chance to go to a one-hour lecture where the most important points of that class are presented.  Two or three Nora Bene Lectures take place annually and a variety of fascinating formats have helped to make this series a spectacular component in Kellogg leadership development.  At times, interesting debate formats have brought prominent professors head to head, giving them a controversial topic while students watch them debate.  Other options have included dynamic lectures or panel discussions.  Whatever the format, the topic will be of wide-ranging interest to graduating MBA students. Coverage of past Nota Bene Lectures can be found here.