Kellogg School of Management Full-Time MBA Admissions

  Kellogg students on a recent trip to Utah.
Kellogg Leadership Expeditions

Kellogg Leadership Expeditions thrusts students into unique wilderness travel experiences with the goal of strengthening core leadership skills. Small groups of usually 8 to 12 students and professors have recently jaunted through the rich terrain of South America’s Patagonia, faced the rain-drenched challenges of camping, kayaking and hiking along Utah’s portion of the San Juan River and San Raphael Swell, as well as the personal reward of helping to rebuild homes with Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans. Locations and landscapes may have been different, but students shared the experience of having to establish responsibilities, manage stress, reflect on the events of the day, strive to keep a positive attitude and, in the end, absorb some very essential leadership lessons.  This is a dynamic approach to building upon your leadership skills and we hope you’ll join us on our next adventure.

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Habitat for Humanity/New Orleans