Kellogg School of Management Full-Time MBA Admissions


Assessment & Feedback

A solid leadership foundation is rooted in self-awareness and self-reflection.  Before you can be effective in leading other people, you need to know yourself -- your strengths, your limitations, your priorities. 

To develop your leadership capacity, you must have an opportunity to get data about yourself.  Through these assessments, you will acquire feedback that will serve as a starting point before you can develop yourself as a leader.  You need answers to critical questions: Who am I?  Where am I at in my leadership abilities?  What are my skills or my capacities at this point in time?

The 360 Degree Leadership Assessment is an evaluation of leadership skills in which you rate yourself and receive feedback from former bosses and colleagues.  Like many great things at Kellogg, this began as a student initiative. A number of years ago, the Business Leadership Club (BLC) felt that Kellogg needed to help incoming students assess themselves.  They presented a proposal, and administration listened.  A pilot program was launched in 2002 and now all Full-Time and Part-Time Program students go through the assessment process.

We encourage an investigative approach to feedback.  Allowing you the data and the time to make sense of feedback, we will help you to choose directives or follow-ups that will invite the best leadership education possible.  Through presentations, workshops, and ongoing support, we’ll help you to link to the best clubs and activities for your personal development.  Kellogg is committed to helping you excel as a leader in today’s world.

Our goal is to help you know yourself as a leader before you can begin to lead or influence other people.  In looking at yourself, you will better learn how to understand the many ways in which other people see the same situation.

The 360 Degree Leadership Assessment