Kellogg School of Management Full-Time MBA Admissions


The 360 Degree Leadership Assessment

Upon acceptance to the Kellogg Full-Time or Part-Time Program, you will be introduced to the 360 Degree Leadership Assessment.  This tool queries you as well as your managers and work colleagues on several aspects of leadership and will ultimately provide concrete feedback for you to develop your own leadership agenda.

Honest feedback can be both confirming and eye-opening.  Kellogg faculty and staff work with students, preparing them before reviewing the 360 Degree Leadership Assessment report.  While it is important to have an open mind to feedback, one must remember that this is not the be all and end all.  This is a snapshot.  Put this in the context of all of the feedback you’ve previously received in your life, at work, in other settings.  To what degree is it consistent or inconsistent?  What picture does it paint?  What are the reasons people may have rated you the way that they did?  How well do they know you?  How much access did they have to witnessing you engage in certain behaviors?  Did you ask some people who you knew were unhappy with aspects of your work performance?  How does this color the results you are now analyzing? 

This is real data, so it cannot be denied.  But it’s only data, one puzzle piece in a much larger picture of who you are and all of the feedback you’ve received from other people in other instances.

Embrace the feedback, learn from it, grow from it.  While most people gravitate toward their weaknesses, you also have to work on leveraging your strengths.  Ask yourself, “What do I need to be improving?  What gifts or strengths do I need to leverage going forward?”  Allow this data to help you formulate a personal leadership program while at The Kellogg School.

Access to 360 Degree Leadership Assessment for Current Students