Kellogg School of Management Full-Time MBA Admissions

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Knowledge and Insight

Intellectual Depth
Coursework is not just something that you need to do ­­– like a ticket you need to get punched in order to obtain your degree.  It is your leadership foundation.  Academics serve as your intellectual foundation, but leadership curriculum is so much more than classes with the term leadership in the title.  We encourage students to look for leadership development implications within all of their classes… finance, marketing, everywhere.  For example, if you’re going to be an investment banker, your finance curriculum is your leadership foundation because that is what gives you your expertise, your credibility, and enables you to be a thought leader in the field.  And if you’re not going to be a finance banker, you can develop leadership skills simply by asking, “What does it mean to be a leader in the field of finance?”, “How do financial leaders engage in decision-making?”, or “How do they generate value financially?”  All of this is part of the broad understanding of what it means to be a leader.  Expertise and credibility form your leadership foundation.

As you begin your Kellogg experience with the pre-term class MORS 430/Leadership & Organizations, you will be exposed to the leadership topics that are to remain forefront in your mind as you select classes with leadership development potential.  Various leadership electives will help to inspire your learning, including MORS 468/Management Leadership, MORS 933/Leaders & Leadership, and SEEK’s Value-Based Leadership to name a few.

Experiential Learning
An essential part of the leadership curriculum is Experiential Learning – or learning through doing.  The Kellogg Experiential curriculum enables Full- and Part-time MBA students to combine prior work experience with recent course study, allowing for very real business and value-based leadership opportunities that will inevitably enrich personal development.  The key to your leadership development success is integrative or interdisciplinary thinking -- the ability to engage in coursework and learning options that span boundaries. Experiential Learning courses and labs offer an array of hands-on professional opportunities and we encourage you to read about these offerings.

Colloquium On Thought Leadership
The Colloquium on Thought Leadership is a capstone program of optional lectures for both Full- and Part-time MBA students in their final year of study. The lectures, usually held on a Friday evening, are taught by the Kellogg School’s leading faculty members and historically address finance, marketing, strategy, globalization and other advanced management topics.  Colloquium on Thought Leadership lectures are designed to reinforce the primary principles that students should take with them as they leave their academic career at Kellogg.

For an overview of Professor David Besanko’s recent Colloquium lecture, a revealing look at economic insights on the topic of immigration, click here.