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Welcome to Kellogg! Sally Blount, DEAN (MS '91, PhD '92) View Dean's Bio

Growth is a challenge that every leader confronts in today’s complex global marketplace – both within themselves and within their organizations.

At Kellogg, we uniquely equip leaders for growth – both in terms of increasing economic value and increasing your self-knowledge and market insight.

Our students gain the clarity of focus they need to build transformational organizations that can thrive and seize new market opportunities in today’s fast-paced global economy. In the process, we prepare them to navigate across borders of all types – be they geographic, cultural or political.

Our faculty, are renowned thought leaders whose teaching and research shape how the world thinks about the complex problems facing business and society. They are also active participants in our tight-knit community and vibrant culture.

Our alumni form a powerful network 55,000-strong that spans the globe. Kellogg leaders sit in the c-suite of firms like DuPont, SAP, Blackstone Group, Abbott, KKR, Tencent, Strategy&, Diageo, Facebook and McKinsey, or advance social change in organizations like Room to Read, One Acre Fund and the NAACP.

I encourage you to visit one of our campuses to experience Kellogg’s extraordinary vitality and to see why we are the premier global management educator for the 21st century.

Dean Sally Blount