"At Kellogg, we learn to listen to different voices, see things from different perspectives, and open our minds to all possibilities."

Angela Y. Lee
Mechthild Esser Nemmers Professor of Marketing

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Maricarmen Toro

"On my first day of class, I learned that 'diversity' takes on a whole new meaning at the school. No one has the same profession or home country. That alone is an incredible experience."

Maricarmen Toro '12
Vice President of Corporate and Institutional Banking
Grupo Santander, Puerto Rico

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"Kellogg is all about collaboration – across cultures, countries and all kinds of backgrounds. This helps build leaders with the cultural competency to lead diverse teams in diverse markets."

Brenda Ellington-Booth
Clinical Professor of Management & Organizations
Academic Director of the Leadership Coaching Program

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Feyisayo Oshinkanlu

"I'll leave here knowing what management means in other countries and how to effectively manage and motivate in those cultures."

Feyisayo Oshinkanlu '12
Full-Time MBA Program

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"It's been very refreshing to see how classmates from other walks of life approach business issues. I've discovered tremendous value in learning how to see things from different angles."

Bernard Roy '12
President and Chairman of the Board, Capital Bank

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Sunil Chopra

"Our goal at Kellogg is to develop students into global leaders who make a lasting contribution to the world."

Sunil Chopra
IBM Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems

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Diversity and inclusion inspires leaders to think bravely

At Kellogg, we share an unshakable commitment to a diverse and inclusive community. It's a commitment born out of our longstanding belief in the transformative power of a strong and collaborative organizational culture. It recognizes that leveraging diverse perspectives enriches learning, inspires innovation and develops strong leaders.

For us, diversity encompasses many dimensions – from personal characteristics to cultural traditions, political world views, academic training, life experiences and other aspects that shape human identity. At the core, all diversity matters. Differences affect how we think, react, create, problem solve and relate to others as people. Differences inform, enrich and empower humankind's collective capacity to create a better world – materially, aesthetically and philosophically. We welcome the vibrant array of cultures, voices and unique perspectives that together make Kellogg a dynamic place to learn, teach and thrive.

We are committed to celebrating our diversity and creating an environment that welcomes all. At Kellogg, diversity and inclusion means:

  • We value and respect one another and foster a workplace that allows everyone to bring their whole self to Kellogg.
  • As individuals and as an organization, we integrate focused diversity and inclusion practices into our business processes.
  • We achieve better results by building teams that embrace diversity and support the expression of differing points of view.
  • We create a flexible work environment through leaders modeling flexibility, prioritizing work, facilitating teamwork and managing to outcomes.

Leveraging our Differences

Our faculty, students and administrators find boundless opportunities to interact with peers from around the world and every imaginable background. They learn from each other in classrooms and seminars, through meetings, club activities, conferences and on global study trips. They forge lifelong bonds with others who share their intellectual curiosity and their desire to make a meaningful difference.

A Message from the Chief Diversity Officer

"A commitment to diversity and inclusion comes naturally to Kellogg. Its culture is inherently collaborative - and its community comprises students, faculty and staff who come from exceptionally diverse backgrounds, geographies, industries and areas of expertise. Together, this creates a rich, innovative, dynamic environment."

Anise Wiley-Little
Chief Human Capital and Diversity Officer

Global Kellogg

Global Kellogg

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Experiential Learning

"It Gets Better"

Gay+Lesbian Management Assoc. tells LGBT teens "It Gets Better"

Diversity invigorates our community

Kellogg community members develop a keen appreciation for multiple and varied perspectives as they hone the collaborative skills they need to think, manage and lead in an ever-diversifying global economy.

This happens continuously across our global community – on our Evanston, Chicago and Miami campuses and through our joint programs with leading schools in Hong Kong, Israel, Germany and Canada.

Diversity, inclusion and collaboration are inextricably linked at Kellogg, and our community thrives because of it.

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Diversity enlightens conversation

From our unrestrained celebration of diversity and inclusion during MOSAIC Week to lively business conferences that focus on African-American, Latin-American and women's issues, Kellogg convenes thought-provoking events year round. Students, faculty, alumni, leaders and experts from around the world gather to challenge conventional thinking, exchange new ideas and broaden their perspectives.

Diversity enlightens the faculty and administrator experience

With nearly half of Kellogg's faculty of international origin, our professors share a common interest in diversity. These international thought leaders represent a convergence of global scholarship with diverse strengths and expertise. Their research interests encompass cross-cultural business practices, global business, international leadership and markets and women's issues. Their expansive thinking fuels a constant exchange of ideas in the classroom and beyond.

Diversity strengthens networks

When students graduate from the Kellogg School, they join a vibrant and inclusive alumni network that spans the globe and every conceivable industry and endeavor. Our alumni are renowned for their commitment to Kellogg ideals and their willingness to help each another – personally and professionally.

In The Spotlight

Kellogg alumni go on to make important contributions to organizations around the world. Many serve as key resources to students, and fellow graduates often return to campus to share their wisdom and experience. Prominent Kellogg alumni include:

Lifelong Career Support

Kellogg alumni frequently access the wealth of free, professional career counseling and development resources available to them. Our Career Management Center – named tops in student satisfaction by PoetsandQuants.com – also maintains an online database of job opportunities exclusively for Kellogg graduates.

Staying Connected

More than 80 regional and special interest alumni clubs offer lifelong learning and social opportunities. Learn more about the powerful Kellogg alumni network and the groups that energize it.

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