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Full-time Class of 2018 Profile 41% Women

41% Women

96% Employment Rate

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Our Thought Leadership

Why You Should Make a Career Jump When Others Think It’s a Mistake

Fortune / Article by Dean Sally Blount explains why you need to think less about brand, status, and what others think you “should” do and instead focus on finding a job that aligns with the person you want to become.

Why Warmth Is the Underappreciated Skill Leaders Need

Kellogg Insight / The case for demonstrating more than just competence.

Why Investors Should Think Twice Before Buying Into Tesla

Fortune / Article by Professor Mohan Sawhney explains the four varying narratives of Tesla’s valuation, arguing that investors need to understand all of them and choose which one to bet on.

The Surprising Speed with Which We Become Polarized Online

Kellogg Insight / Users isolate themselves in social media echo chambers, even when they start out looking at a variety of posts.

The 5 Worst Things You Could Say to a Venture Capitalist

Fortune / Article by Adjunct Lecturer Mark Achler discusses five examples of what not to say to a venture capitalist when pitching your company.

Take 5: How to Encourage Innovative Thinking

Kellogg Insight / Kellogg faculty on what it takes to ensure your new product or great idea takes off.
Dean Sally Blount '92

Meet Dean Blount

Sally Blount / Dean
MS '91, PHD '92