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To educate, equip & inspire brave leaders who build strong organizations and wisely leverage the power of markets to create lasting value.

Key Facts

Full-time Class of 2019 Profile 42% Women

42% Women

96% Employment Rate

60,000+ Alumni Network

338.5 Million plus raised in Transforming Together campaign

$338.5M+ Campaign Progress

7 Campuses Worldwide

Our Thought Leadership

Use Your Seat to Get Ahead at Work

Wall Street Journal / Sitting next to a star improves your performance, research shows.

Why Has CEO Pay Grown So Much Faster Than the Average Worker’s?

Kellogg Insight / A key component in growing pay disparity is how well executives harness new technologies.

Consumers May Be More Trusting of Ads Than Marketers Think

New York Times / Research examines how consumers are becoming more savvy, skeptical and discriminating when viewing ads.

Monitoring Moviegoers’ Brains Can Predict Box Office Success

Kellogg Insight / For a month, researchers put EEG caps on patrons at a suburban theater. Here is what they found.

How AI Machines Could Save Wall Street Brokers' Jobs

Entrepreneur / Article explores the positive influence of artificial intelligence in Wall Street jobs.

Waiting to Protect Intellectual Property Could Doom Your Startup

Kellogg Insight / Patent attorneys offer four tips for entrepreneurs on safeguarding ideas from the get-go.
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