Brooke Vuckovic
Brooke Vuckovic

Adjunct Lecturer of Leadership Coaching

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Brooke Olson Vuckovic's career has been focused on helping executives define their purpose and presence as leaders; stretching them to become more focused, non-reactive and clear on who they are, where they're going, why they lead, and what the circumstances they face demand of them.

Dr. Vuckovic teaches leadership coaching to Kellogg's full-time MBA students and has co-developed coaching programs for multiple Executive Education programs. In addition to being the co-academic director for "Leading the Family Enterprise," Dr. Vuckovic teaches in many of the leadership programs offered through Kellogg's Allen Center and the Center for Nonprofit Management. Outside of Kellogg, Dr. Vuckovic has an executive coaching practice working with senior executives.

Dr. Vuckovic's approach to coaching and leadership development is informed by her multi-disciplinary background. She received her MA and PhD from the University of Chicago, where she also taught in the University of Chicago Booth School of Business's popular Business Communications program. Her research focused on how "narrative" and "story telling" helps individuals define who they are and what is most important to them and their communities (a theme she returns to again and again in teaching and coaching insofar as powerful story telling relates to powerful leadership). Dr. Vuckovic's professional background was in adult-education and development. Her experiences include executive positions at Cardean University, whose online MBA program was developed with Columbia University Business School, Stanford University, London School of Economics, and the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business.

Areas of Expertise
Executive Coaching
Leadership Development

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PhD, 2002, University of Chicago
MA, 1994, University of Chicago
BA, 1992, University of Texas-Austin

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Ellington-Booth, Brenda and Brooke Vuckovic. "Authentic Leadership." Kellogg Insight.

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Full-Time / Part-Time MBA
Personal Leadership Insights (KACI-461-5)
This course was formerly known as MORS 935-C
This course is a unique opportunity for students who are highly motivated and committed to their personal development and growth as a leader. You will partner with a Kellogg Leadership Coach who will lead a small group of ten students through a series of assignments that will help you increase self-awareness and gain clarity about your unique leadership skills, values, needs, strengths and limitations. Full-time sections are divided by 1st year and 2nd year/1Y. Classes will last for two hours. Each class will consist of group discussions and peer coaching exercises around self-reflective assignments that you must prepare prior to class. In addition, you will have the option of meeting one-on-one with your Kellogg Leadership Coach for a 45-minute coaching session twice during the quarter. This is an experiential learning course centered on your personal development that will not be assigned a letter grade. Grading will be on a "Pass/No Credit" basis. Successful completion of this course will be represented as a "Pass" with 0.5 credits on your transcript. Course requirements include: 100% attendance (including the first day of class); completion of the 1st assignment due on the first day of class and all other subsequent assignments; honoring the confidential information of others in the group; and active participation in all group coaching sessions. The "Pass" will not count towards the MORS major. Note: This course may not be dropped after the first week of the quarter.

Executive Education
Leading Family Enterprises
This four-day program is designed for the next generation of members who are or aspire to be leaders for their family enterprise. You will discover how to manage the strategic and personal pressures that are at the core of these complex enterprises.

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